I Am the Mountain Mouse

Gianna Marino
Book Type: Picture

Four mouse friends love to have fun, but one thinks he’s braver and better at all the mouse activities—from climbing atop camels to swimming in cats’ water bowls. The self-proclaimed “mountain mouse” is undaunted by any obstacles in his path, and he often finds himself in mischievous situations as a result. His mouse friends are always by his side, however, to help—but mostly to rescue—the “mountain mouse.” Silly and full of warmth, I Am The Mountain Mouse is sure to charm and entertain young readers, especially those with a taste for adventure.

Book Cover: I Am The Mountain Mouse

Why I’m a Fan

Valerie Friedholm
Co-Founder, Elephant Books

The author, Gianna Marino, has written and illustrated a number of fantastic children’s books. All feature her inspiring and thoughtful writing, along with her always stunning artwork. I am the Mountain Mouse is an especially fun book to read aloud as the storyline is funny, silly and is perfect for readers who love to use voice inflections to make a book come alive.

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