Fluff and Billy

Nicola Killen
Book Type: Board

What happens when two penguin buddies who do everything together have a small tiff? Climbing, sliding, splashing and running in the snow and water are what best friendships are made up. However, when a snowball is thrown and feelings are hurt, it’s only great friends who can eventually find their way back to playtime. Gorgeous modern and minimalistic illustrations lovingly convey how simple gestures of kindness and forgiveness are the keys to great friendships.

Book Cover: Fluff and Billy

Why I’m a Fan

Stephen Murray
Co-Founder, Elephant Books

Who better to teach children about friends and forgiveness than two adorable penguins? And when it comes to misunderstandings during playtimes, it’s often a simple act of love that can bring buddies back together. Fluff and Billy is an easy to read book that gorgeously illustrates how simple kindness is often the truest form of friendship.

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