Color Blocked

Ashley Sorenson
Book Type: Picture

The color machine is blocked! To fix it and restore color to the world, parents and children must work together by spinning the book around or flipping it upside down to unclog and straighten the pipes. But be careful—sometimes these colors have a mind of their own. You might also find that our narrator is not as reliable as you might think. With beautiful illustrations and a quirky storyline, your child will learn more about colors while having plenty of fun.

Book Cover: Color Blocked

Why I’m a Fan

Valerie Friedholm
Co-Founder, Elephant Books

I always love an interactive book that encourages parents and their children to engage with the text together. Flipping the book around every which way is sure to bring a lot of laughs to reading time. Additionally, the illustrations are beautiful, and I think this book carries the opportunity to discuss how art and color help to brighten our world.

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