Catching Kisses

Amy Gibson
Book Type: Picture

 Kisses come from everywhere and everyone, but no two are alike. Some feel soft and cuddly, some smell like ginger and cinnamon, and some even whisper like butterflies. This lyrical book follows a journey of kisses across America, highlighting famous landmarks from San Francisco to New York. Most importantly, as the book poetically shares, “…once as kiss is given, anytime, anywhere, it can never be taken away.”

Book Cover: Catching Kisses

Why I’m a Fan

Stephen Murray
Co-Founder, Elephant Books

I love books that offer an opportunity to teach and interact with a young reader. Catching Kisses is the perfect book to introduce children to famous landmarks throughout the United States. The book lends itself to opening dialogues about travel, history and maybe even some family memories of past visits to some of these sites.

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