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In-Depth Reading Tip: Making Predictions

This month we’re going in-depth with a Reading Tip is about Making Predictions. Asking your child to make predictions is wildly helpful in developing literacy skills because it encourages them to think deeply and creatively about the text. Read on for tips on how to approach making predictions before, during, and after you read.

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Meet the Author: Ashley Sorenson

This month, we caught up with Ashley Sorenson, author of the fantastic book Color Blocked.
Color Blocked is a wonderfully creative story about what happens when a machine that spews out color gets stopped up. To fix the machine and bring color back to the world, children and parents must work together by spinning the book upside-down and flipping it from side-to-side. The book is interactive, fun, and sure to bring on a lot of laughs.

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Fourth of July/Importance of Summer Reading

The Fourth of July is dedicated to celebrating the founding of our country, but in many ways, it’s also about celebrating our families. And while you’re waiting to see fireworks or enjoying a road trip, it’s a great time to read with your children!

But, really, every day of summer holds fantastic opportunities to read together. And, in fact, summer reading is incredibly important. It can help keep your child develop positive reading habits and exercise their brain, among other things.

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Meet the Author: Marianne Richmond

This month, we had the privilege of getting to know Marianne Richmond, author of Be Brave, Little One. Marianne is passionate about connecting families through reading, so, naturally, we here at Elephant Books were excited to hear more about her story and her philosophy as an author. 
Be Brave, Little One is a wonderful tale that explores what it means to be brave. It touches on the traditional definition–to explore new things and to reach outside of your comfort zone. It also, however, teaches children that sometimes being brave is saying hello to a new friend or to say that something is hard or frustrating. 

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The Unexpected Benefits of Reading with Dad

Father’s Day is the time to reflect on all the wonderful things that dads do for their families. What better way to show your appreciation than to give them the perfect gift—more quality time with their children through reading. In the spirit of Father’s Day, we explore five ways that reading together can benefit both father and child.

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