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Meet the Author: R.W. Alley

We caught up with R.W. Alley about what inspires his writing and illustrations and his take on reading during childhood. Long-time illustrator of more than 150 books–including Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear series–and author of countless of his own, he now lives in Rhode Island with his wife Zoë where he spends his time creating new characters, like those in Clark in the Deep Sea, in his charming garage-turned art studio.

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Meet the Author: Calista Brill

A book about a little dragon learning to fly AND a possible new book involving elephants on the way…what more could we at Elephant Books ask for? This month we’re sharing Calista Brill’s book, “Little Wing”, with many of our picture book subscribers.

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Inside the Creative Process

Ever wonder how a children’s author and illustrator approaches his or her craft? When we last spoke to one of our featured authors, Sophy Henn, she kindly shared some insight and pictures describing how she developed the idea for her first book, Where Bear.

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Meet the Author: A Further Conversation with Sophy Henn

We love hearing from our subscribers and last July we heard from a lot of you about the book, “Pom Pom Panda Gets the Grumps”. We jumped at the chance to include another wonderful book by one of our favorite authors, Sophy Henn for this month’s book box.

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Jenny Silverstone: The Lifelong Benefits of Reading

This week we wanted to share with you an excerpt from Jenny Silverstone’s article on the lifelong benefits of reading for children. Jenny Silverstone is a professional writer, mother of two, and advocate of the importance of childhood reading.

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