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Meet the Author: Justin Roberts

“The Great Henry Hopendower” tells the sweet tale of an aspiring young magician who learned everything he knows from the very best, his grandpa. Henry’s loving memories of his grandfather expressively unfold throughout this beautifully illustrated book.

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Meet the Author: Stacey Previn

Parents of toddlers will most certainly relate to the adorable and curious mouse in the beautifully illustrated book, “Aberdeen.” An adventurous little mouse, Aberdeen follows a bright red balloon through gardens, puddles and even a forest before realizing he’s a bit lost.

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Meet the Author: Jo Empson

How good is your memory? For our August book selection, we have a little boy who is suppose to pick up just a few items for his mother. Easy, right? But when Vincent loses the list, his memory might not be what it needs to be resulting in quite a few surprises at home. For example, the ‘firm pear’ his mum was looking for becomes a ‘big furry bear’!

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Meet the Author: Sophy Henn

This July one of our picture books selections features a panda. One morning Pom Pom Panda wakes up on the wrong side of bed…and then nothing goes right! He can’t find his blanket Timmington and his baby brother is playing with his favorite toy— Harrumph! By the time Pom Pom arrives at the playground, he’s in a terrible mood.

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Meet the Authors: Bookworm Babies, Part 2

Elephant Books recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dawn Tringas and Kimberly Aulenback, the authors of “Bookworm Babies: Read. Converse. Nurture. Impact.” In the second half of our conversation (Part 1 can be found here) Valerie Friedholm discussed some of their recommendations for encouraging early reading and learned more about reading “rituals” in their own households.

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