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In-Depth Reading Tip: Engaging with Illustrations

In picture and board books, text and illustration work hand-in-hand. Oftentimes, each provides different information, so it’s essential to understand both and how they work together. That’s why it’s important to look closely at illustrations to fully comprehend and engage with the book. This month we look at some of the ways illustrations help guide learning and comprehension. Plus, we give some tips regarding how to leverage illustrations when reading with your little one.

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Authors’ Favorite Part of the Job

We’re fortunate at Elephant Books to be able to interact with so many interesting authors and illustrators. When we speak with them, one of the things that come through most clearly is how much they love what they do. With that spirit in mind we’ve collected what some of our authors have told us about the best part of the job. Enjoy!

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Meet the Author: Jarvis

This month, we spoke with Jarvis, the author and illustrator of the book, “Lazy Dave”. Although Jarvis has published numerous children’s books, “Lazy Dave” was his debut picture book and we fell in love with Dave the first time we read the book. Dave is a dog who loves to sleep all day long. Lilly thinks he is the laziest dog in the world but maybe Dave isn’t as lazy as Lilly thinks.

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Creating Life Long Readers

Looking back at some of the authors we have interviewed over the past year or so, we found that they’ve given some interesting insights and opinions on how life-long book lovers come to be. In our interviews, we’ve asked these authors to reflect on their own journeys as young readers to see if perhaps there’s something in the proverbial water. We’ve also asked them, however, to provide advice to parents who want to inspire a similar love of reading in their children.

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What to Write in a Baby Shower Book

Books are an increasingly popular choice for baby shower gifts. It’s not hard to see why: they’re educational, they encourage quality bonding time, they’re enduring, they get used over and over, and, as any parent can tell you who’s trying to get a baby or toddler to sleep will tell you, you can never have too many! But what do you write in a baby shower book to make it stand out, to make your gift truly special?

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Will You Be Our Friend?