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Meet the Author: Marianne Richmond

This month, we had the privilege of getting to know Marianne Richmond, author of Be Brave, Little One. Marianne is passionate about connecting families through reading, so, naturally, we here at Elephant Books were excited to hear more about her story and her philosophy as an author. 
Be Brave, Little One is a wonderful tale that explores what it means to be brave. It touches on the traditional definition–to explore new things and to reach outside of your comfort zone. It also, however, teaches children that sometimes being brave is saying hello to a new friend or to say that something is hard or frustrating. 

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The Unexpected Benefits of Reading with Dad

Father’s Day is the time to reflect on all the wonderful things that dads do for their families. What better way to show your appreciation than to give them the perfect gift—more quality time with their children through reading. In the spirit of Father’s Day, we explore five ways that reading together can benefit both father and child.

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Meet the Author: Michael Hale

In this month’s author interview, we’re catching up with Michael Hale, author of Bad Monkey Business. Bad Monkey Business is the tale of a monkey on a mission, told in rhyme and paired with charming, lively illustrations. You’ll find lots of different animals in the pages of this humorous story–no surprise, since its author was once Creative Director at the Phoenix Zoo!

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Screen Time: Ryan Howard

While we are in love with books at Elephant Books, we live in a culture where it is so easy for children to get their hands (and keep their eyes) on a screen. So the question of how to approach kids’ screen usage is increasingly relevant. Recently, Elephant Books received a shout out from Ryan Howard, co-founder of Smart Parent Advice. In this edition of Elephant Notes, we’re passing along his thoughtful insights on how to navigate the challenging topic of kids and screen time.

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Meet the Author: R.W. Alley

We caught up with R.W. Alley about what inspires his writing and illustrations and his take on reading during childhood. Long-time illustrator of more than 150 books–including Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear series–and author of countless of his own, he now lives in Rhode Island with his wife Zoë where he spends his time creating new characters, like those in Clark in the Deep Sea, in his charming garage-turned art studio.

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Will You Be Our Friend?