23 Baby Gift Basket Ideas
for Any Occasion

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July 2020

It is one of the most exciting things in life to welcome a new baby into the world. We have put a list together of baby gift basket ideas to help you and your loved ones celebrate this momentous occasion because sometimes it is hard to know what to buy for newborns. There are so many different kinds of products on the market to choose from that it can be overwhelming.

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We think, though, that the baskets on our list are great gifts for new parents because they all include essentials and adorable trinkets alike that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. At a range of prices to fit every budget, each of the items included in these baby gift basket ideas are cute, sweet, and thoughtful, making them the perfect way to welcome a new baby into the world.

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High End Sleepy Baby Gift Basket filled with clothing and diapers and wrapped in a yellow ribbon

High-End Baby Gift Basket
Boy, Girl, or Both

This high-end set features  a blanket and a baby onesie rolled up and decorated with sweet colorful bows that are sure to get a “awww” or two at any baby shower. A cuddly bodysuit, a pair of tiny baby socks, a patterned burp cloth, and more are also included, making this a practical gift as well as a cute one. There is also a bonus gift included for mom–a pair of fuzzy socks rolled up to look like a cupcake. The basket comes in different colors, like yellow, pink, and gray, depending on your preference or the gender of the baby. This basket is the perfect way to show your love for both expectant mothers and their little bundles of joy.

Elephant Books Ultimate Baby Gift Package with stuffed animal elephant, books wrapped in orange ribboned packaging, and extras

Ultimate Baby Gift Book Basket
Starting at $125.99 for Three Months
Boy, Girl, or Both

Give the gift of reading with the Ultimate Baby Gift from Elephant Books. Reading is one of the most fruitful and entertaining activities parents can engage in with their newborns because it creates lifelong memories and promotes development in so many regards. Help expecting parents build their child’s library with this wonderfully thoughtful and elegant gift. Featuring three phenomenal board books, a snuggly elephant, and reading extras to help promote literacy and make each book their own, the Ultimate Baby Gift is the perfect gift for a baby shower, a welcome home, and every other exciting and special moment in a newborn’s life. Give the gift that will last a lifetime with Elephant Books.

three diaper cakes sitting on a kitchen counter, decorated with animal print and safari animals

Safari Diaper Cake
Boy, Girl, or Both

Diaper cakes are a traditional gift at baby showers, but these are next-level and high-end. They come elaborately decorated with a safari theme featuring a number of animals like giraffes, lions, monkeys, zebras, and elephants. They even have a cute sign on the top that says things like “future king of the jungle,” or “little peanut on the way.” The best part is, you can customize these items and decide what animal you’d like at the top, which sign it will feature, how many tiers it would like, and what diaper brand you’d prefer. This diaper cake is such a fun and unique way to start parents off with essentials for their newborn.

Aveeno gift basket full of lotions and other bath essentials for babies

Newborn Bath time Essentials Basket
Boy, Girl, or Both

Give the gift designed to nourish babies and pamper new moms. This basket includes six luxurious products from Aveeno, a pediatrician recommended brand. Baby wash, shampoo, daily moisturizer, soothing relief creamy body wash, and soothing relief moisturizing cream are all included to help take care of new babies’ skin. With a natural tote bag and products without parabens, dyes, steroids, or phthalates, this gift is the perfect one for someone looking for a very practical, cost-effective gift that will delight any expectant mother.

Brown basket full of blankets and clothing tied nicely and covered in patterns of woodland creatures

Another high end option, this baby gift basket is perfect for nature lovers. It comes with a high-quality bodysuit that says “hi, I’m new here,” which is just adorable. In addition, there are also a beautiful pair of leggings and a handmade burp cloth that both feature cuddly woodland friends. You also have the option to add a Sensory Teether toy with the same woodland pattern on it to make the basket feel even more special and thoughtful. Each item in this basket is certified organic, ethically produced, and high-quality.

grey, owl shaped gift basket full of baby essentials and owl-themed toys and linens

A Little Hoot New Baby Gift Basket
Boy, Girl, or Both

A hoot at any baby shower, this unique owl-themed baby basket is a fantastic gift. It comes with a number of essentials like baby brush and comb set, Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, a baby receiving blanket, two cotton beanies, two body suits, and two sets of booties. It also, however, features some unique and special extras. A tooth and hair keepsake box, a baby footprint kit, and a baby photo album allow new parents to document the unforgettable moments in the first year of their baby’s life. With essentials and keepsakes alike, this themed-basket is such a thoughtful and unique gift.

Pastel Box with ABC printed in pastel on front, full of baby essentials and adorned with colorful ribbon

Alphabet Block Baby Gift Basket
Boy, Girl, or Both

Welcome a newborn with this alphabet block-decorated gift basket. A perfect baby gift basket idea, this bundle is elegant, impressive, and cost-effective all at the same time. It comes with a sleep gown, a hat, a washcloth, and a bib, all wrapped up in the decorative alphabet block box. The color scheme, with white and pastels, is gender neutral and very beautiful. Overall, this is an extremely thoughtful and lovely gift that is sure to show any expectant mother how excited you are to welcome their new baby into the world.

Gift Box with "Charlie" printed on front containing toys, linens, and other baby essentials in a grey color scheme

If you’re looking for an extra special, unique, personalized gift basket, look no further. This high-end gift basket comes with a number of items, including a bear-shaped pillow, a plush stuffed panda, an adorable cotton onesie, a comforter, a handful of board books, and so much more. With neutral colors and a minimalist style, this basket looks adorable, thoughtful, and classy all at the same time. The most special part of this gift, however, is that you can personalize it to include the new baby’s name on the wooden trunk that all these special goodies come in. Without a doubt, this is a wonderful gift to welcome a new baby into the world.

brightly colored onesies wrapped and displayed in cupcake liners and adorned with bows

An absolute showstopper at any baby shower, these onesies rolled up like cupcakes are sure to amaze. With a beautiful, creative presentation and great product reviews, this is a great option for anyone looking for a super special and unique gift for newborns. In this package, you receive three name brand onesies, two super soft washcloths, two hair bows perfect for baby girls, and a pair of infant socks. Each of these items are adorable additions to any baby girls’ wardrobe. We are sure this basket will bring smiles all around.

pampered boy gift basket

A wonderful gift for baby boys, this cuddly gift basket includes a cozy blanket, three bodysuits, pants, socks, mittens, washcloths, bibs, burp cloths, a Boo-Bunnie ice pack, a board book, rattle, and plenty of cuddly stuffed animals and rattles for the little bundle of joy entering your life. 

Pottery Barn Box with neutral colored fuzzy toys and blanket

Celebrate a new baby with soft, plush items that they can enjoy everyday. This classy baby basket idea from Pottery Barn includes an ultra soft Sherpa blanket that is perfect for snuggling up at home or taking around the neighborhood in the stroller. It also includes the unique gift of stackable critter plush toys for babies to play with. These toys can help build fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual and spatial perception, balance, and even creative play. This basket provides unique and high-quality cozy items to comfort newborns in their first adventures out in the world.

Teal Johnson's Bath set with Baby Bath Product Bottles

This thoughtful gift is a great way to arm new parents with baby essentials before their newborn arrives. It comes with two full sized bottles of baby wash and shampoo, as well as travel bottles for on-the-go. It also comes with a 100% cotton nursery bin designed for newborn’s sensitive skin. All these products are hypoallergenic and clinically proven to be gentle on newborns. They help nourish babies’ skin, to keep them happy and healthy. This is a wonderful and amazing gift to give to any new parent.

Blue and Pink gift basket with printed names "Amy" and "Andy" and color-coordinated stuffed animals and clothing items

This gorgeous gift basket is great for mothers who are expecting twins. Stuffed with twice the fun, this basket includes everything you could want, from stuffed elephants to personalized baby bibs to hooded towels to nursery blankets. As mentioned, this basket is highly customizable. When you order them, you can select the genders of the twins, embroider their names on the bibs and burp cloths, and write a special message on the wrapping ribbon. The company even offers gear for big brothers and sisters, like teddy bears and t-shirts, to make older siblings feel just as special as their new babies.

Twin Gift sitting on Counter full of stuffed giraffes, a book, and animal printed clothing and linens

Terrific Twins Gift Basket
Boy, Girl, or Both

This is another great option for baby gift baskets for twins. It comes with two adorable and matching giraffes for newborns to snuggle up with, as well as coordinated body suits that feature sweet little koala bears and sheep. This basket also includes two receiving blankets, two pairs of coordinating socks, and a lovely board book to read to newborns. You can also customize the wrapping of this basket to make it even more special and thoughtful! This simple, yet elegant and adorable, gift basket is the perfect way to welcome twins into the world.

Car and Truck Printed "Diaper Caddy" Basket

This adorable gift basket includes items that are all car and truck themed. With a number of onesies, coverall outfits, pairs of socks, patterned blankets, disposable diapers, and burp cloths, this basket provides a number of essential items that any parent needs. And, to make it even better, all of these items come packaged in a car and truck themed diaper caddy, making this gift incredibly versatile and practical while still immensely cute. Each hand picked item is high-quality, adorable, and sure to bring a smile to expectant parents’ faces. This is the perfect gift for someone looking for a unique and special gift for newborns.

Pink Gift set with stuffed bear, Johnson's baby products, and linens

Cutesy Pink Basket with Baby Essentials
Girl (also available in blue for boys)

This thoughtful basket is sure to bring a smile to any expectant mother’s face. Wrapped in a cute pink keepsake box, available in one tier or two, this gift comes with many essentials every parent needs for their newborn. Included are a snuggly teddy bear, a pink cotton bodysuit, a large swaddling muslin cloth, pink socks, pink cotton bib, as well as Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo, lotion, soap, brush and comb. The keepsake box it comes in can also be kept and used as a keepsake box or storage for cards, toys, and everything in between. Overall, this adorable gift is not only adorable, but also useful and practical.

Whimsical Print Cloth Basket Full of Crocheted Animal and Organic Clothing Items

Meadow Love Organic Baby Gift Basket
Boy, Girl, or Both

Looking for the perfect gift for animal lovers? This adorable gift basket features adorable farm creatures like cows and pigs. In gentle colors, soothing patterns, and soft materials, each item in this basket is sure to be comforting to newborns. This gift basket includes a swaddling blanket, a baby hat, a daisy rattle, baby balm, shampoo, and body wash wrapped in a cute crocheted tote. All of these items are organic, handmade, and fair trade, and the company donates 5% of their profits to a farm sanctuary.

Simply Enchanted Mermaid Gift set with pink and green color scheme

Help make bathtime fun with this enchanting gift. With a mermaid theme, this gift will help every new baby get excited about splashing around in the tub. All wrapped in a beach-bucket pail, this basket includes a hooded towel with a sleepy mermaid’s face, a bath mitt with another cute mermaid character, and a pair of luxurious white spa slippers. And with soft colors and gentle characters, this gift is perfectly soothing and relaxing, great to swaddle up any baby after a nice gentle bath. This basket is a great choice for anyone looking for something cute and novel to bring to a baby shower.

Shark Bath Gift Set with Baby Blue Shark Bath Towels

Another great bathtime set, this shark-themed gift is perfect for any fun-loving family. With this gift, parents can wrap their babies up in adorable shark-themed hooded towels to keep them dry, warm, and adorable after bathtime. The basket also includes a shark-themed bath mitt that doubles as a puppet to help entertain babies during a bath, as well as slippers to calm newborns after they get out of the water. The company also offers this gift in different colors, like blue and gray. This four-piece gift set is great for baby showers, gender reveal parties, welcome home parties, or even first birthdays.

Munchkin Gift Set featuring toys and gadgets for babies

This thoughtful gift basket is loaded with fun and practical goodies for a newborn. With over twenty different items, this is a great way to welcome a new baby into the world. Including items like bottles, a bottle brush, a portable sound machine, a car mirror, and a diaper cream applicator, this gift will be a hit at any baby shower or welcome baby party. Even more exciting, all of these items come packaged in an infant tub, making this gift both elegant and practical. The package is also available in three different colors–pink, blue, and white–that you can choose from.

Baby Welcoming Basket with stuffed giraffe, a book, and linen in a yellow color scheme

This gift basket is so bright and sweet. Featuring a happy color scheme and adorable items, this basket is sure to bring a smile to any parent’s face. It includes essential items like a receiving blanket, washcloths, a bib, and adorable bodysuits. But it also comes with a few cute and decorative items like a yellow and orange velour giraffe, a flower magnet picture frame, and a cute little cap. There is also a board book to soothe little ones before they sleep. You can even personalize this basket by selecting a special ribbon color for wrapping.

Wagon Gift Set featuring a stuffed bear in a small wagon alongside baby essentials

Welcome Wagon Baby Gift Basket
Boy, Girl, or Both

Celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy with this welcome wagon gift basket. The idea of a wagon is so classic and child-like that it’s perfect to include in a welcome basket. We also like that this basket includes so many essential items for newborns, like washcloths, bottles, rattles, receiving blankets, hooded towels, and Johnson & Johnson baby soaps. It also features some exciting items like a brown teddy bear, a baby bath robe with slippers, and a peek-a-boo board book. This is a great gift for both baby boys and baby girls.

Grey and Yellow Basket Set with Stuffed Owl, Grey Linens, and Twinkle Star Books

Little Star Goodnight Gift Basket
Boy, Girl, or Both

This adorable little star gift basket has all the essentials for bedtime. The gentle plush owl plays a musical lullaby that lasts for twenty minutes as newborns rest their tired eyes. It also lights up and switches between calming shades of red, blue, purple, green, and yellow to comfort babies as they get ready to sleep. In addition, this basket includes a baby hooded towel, a plush star, a cotton outfit, and a baby bib that can be personalized with the child’s name on it. This gift also comes with a sweet board book titled “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” to help soothe any child to sleep.

Set of Pastel Yellow, Blue, and Light Brown Onesies and Bibs

Luvable Friends Bodysuit Set
Boy, Girl, or Both

Help build a newborn’s wardrobe with this adorable bodysuit collection. With twenty four pieces, this is a great and thoughtful gift to give to new parents. It comes with a variety of clothing essentials, including long- and short-sleeved bodysuits, booties, hankies, towels, and a bib. The set features a variety of solid colors and patterned prints, all in a yellow, blue, and green theme. You can’t go wrong with cute baby clothes.


What do people usually put in a baby gift basket?

Most people include a variety of items in a baby gift basket, ranging from essential care items to decorate and cute comfort items. Many include care items like diapers, burp cloths, washcloths, bibs, bath products like baby shampoo. They might also include comfort items like cuddly stuffed animals, adorably patterned onesies or other items of clothing, engaging toys or binkies, and entertaining board books.

What are the best gifts for newborns?

There are lots of great gifts you can give to newborns. Many babies need comfort objects like stuffed animals or blankets or baby toys, all of which make fantastic gifts. Babies also need a fairly sizable wardrobe because they often get messy, so clothing items are often great gifts as well. Other essentials, like baby shampoo or diapers for burp cloths, can really help new parents out and are often welcomed gifts.

How do you decorate a baby gift basket?

Most baby gift baskets are wrapped up in plastic with some sort of ribbon or bow at the top. They might have the child’s name on the basket or a special message on the ribbon. You might include tissue paper to add a pop of color or you might leave it plain for a more minimalistic style.You might also take care in the items you include in the basket to create a specific color scheme or artistic style in your basket. Take inspiration from any of the items in this article or get creative and personalize your basket in a special way. Either way, new parents will appreciate all the effort and thought you put into your gift.

How do you make a gift basket for a baby shower?

First, select a basket or container to put all the items in. It can be something more decorative like a bin or a wicker basket that can later be used for storage or something extremely practical like a baby wash tub or a diaper bag. Next, decide what you will include in the basket. You can include anything from board books to clothing to baby shampoos to bottles to toys to diapers–whatever you think the parents might need or the baby will enjoy. After that, arrange all the items neatly in your basket and decorate it however you’d like. Include a thoughtful card and send over some love to the new baby in your life.

What are some key items for a baby shower gift basket?

If you’d like a checklist for your baby shower gift basket, here are some key items to include:
– Container, like a basket or bin
– Onesies or other types of clothing
– Bib
– Burp cloths
– Socks
– Stuffed animal or other kind of toy
– Baby shampoo or lotions
– Diapers
– Special hand-written note

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