21 Children’s Books About Fall

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Autumn is here, and the season of crunchy leaves on the sidewalk, mugs of warm apple cider, and pumpkin patch visits is upon us! One of the best ways to celebrate as the weather gets chilly and the leaves begin to turn is to snuggle up with a good book. We’ve compiled our list of the very best children’s books about fall that will get you in the spirit for fall festivities.

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Children’s Books about Fall

Planting a Rainbow Book Cover

Autumn is Here!

Heidi Press Grey 
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers 
Learn all about the characteristics of the Autumn season–from changing colors on the trees to warm cinnamon tea on the stove–with this lovely picture book by Heidi Press Grey. Whimsical text and beautiful watercolor illustrations will enchant young readers. 

This book is one of our favorites to share with littles! Not only is it a cozy read for Autumn days, but it will introduce your little reader to all the tell-tale signs of the fall season and inspire fall fun that will last.

Animal Babies in the River! Book Cover

It’s Fall!

Linda Glaser 
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers 
View vibrant sensibilities of the fall season through the eyes of a little boy. Learn what the animals do to prepare for hibernation, how the plants change with the season, and what friends and neighbors do to get ready for the colder weather.

This book is a wonderful autumn read! Full of bright fall colors depicted in unique paper sculpture illustrations accompanied by simple yet effective text, It’s Fall! will get your family in the autumn spirit. We love that this book is full of suggestions for fall-related activities.

Little Green Frog Book Cover

Baby Loves Fall: A Lift-the-Flap Book

Karen Katz 
Book Type: Board
Age: Baby
It’s fall! What will baby see? What is in the basket? Here are a soft fluffy hat and scarf! Learn all about items associated with the fall season in this great board book about yummy treats, textured plants, and soft clothes for autumn. 

Made especially for little hands, this book is perfect for introducing babies to the fun of fall. Brightly colored illustrations and a sturdy format make this lift-the-flap book a great choice for the youngest readers. 

 All Aboard! National Parks: A Wildlife Primer Book Cover
 All Aboard! National Parks: A Wildlife Primer Pages

Apples and Pumpkins

Anne Rockwell 
Book Type: Picture
Age: Toddler 
Follow along with a little girl’s wonder and satisfaction as she visits the Comstock Farm. This glorious autumn day presents the opportunity to pick apples and pumpkins. At the end of the day, she returns home to carve a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, her mother prepares apples as a treat, and her father takes her trick-or-treating. 

This book creates a simple and sweet narrative about fall that will inspire children to pick their own pumpkins this fall season in preparation for Halloween. Bold autumn colors and an eventful story will keep little readers entertained.

All The World Book Cover
All The World Pages

Lief and the Fall

Allison Sweet Grant and Adam Grant 
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschool 
“All leaves fall in the fall,” say the other leaves, but Leif the leaf is afraid! He doesn’t want to fall, and he will try everything to go down a different way, crafting a kite, a parachute, and a net. What will happen when a strong gust of wind hits and knocks Lief from his branch? 

Lief and the Fall is a wonderful book to teach your children not to be afraid to fall and  that not all their ideas will work out, but might help them find their way to where they’re headed. Muted colors and a sweet dialogue will appease kids and parents alike.

Hello World! Ocean Life Book Cover


Roger Priddy 
Book Type: Board
Age: Baby 
Full of seasonal pictures of leaves, pumpkins, and cranberries, this fall-themed book will introduce your little one to fall colors and images. Fall is a lovely touch-and-feel experience made for babies to explore and learn. 

We love this book for its engaging textures and colors. Perfect for babies, the clear colors, simple text, and pages meant for little fingers to explore makes this board book a great addition to your little one’s first library.

Wherever You Go Book Cover
Wherever You Go Pages

My Autumn Book

Wong Herbert Lee
Book Type: Picture
Age: Toddler
See all the signs of autumn in this book about a little girl who is learning about the changing seasons. This adventurous narrator investigates chipmunks, squirrels, insects, and fallen leaves. All different types of animals, trees, and leaves are represented in this lovely fall read. 

We love this delightful book for toddlers because of its charming illustrations and adorable rhyming text. Teach your little ones to expand their autumnal vocabulary and inspire an investigative mindset with this great book about fall.

Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature Book Cover
Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature Book Pages

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Kenard Pak  
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschooler 
As trees sway in the cool breeze, blue jays head south, and leaves change their colors, everyone knows–autumn is on its way! Join a girl as she explores nature and take a stroll through the forest and town, greeting all the signs of the coming season. In a series of conversations with everything from the flowers to gusts of wind, she says goodbye to summer and welcomes the new season of autumn.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn is a wonderful read for preschoolers. The conversational writing style and unique illustrations chronicle the experiences of a young girl as she explores nature and greets all the organic signs of the coming season.

Night Animals Book Cover

Duck & Goose Find A Pumpkin 

Tad Hill
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers
Duck and Goose, where is your pumpkin? Is it in the log? Is it under the leaves? Is it in the apple tree? This book introduces two lovable critters searching for the perfect pumpkin. Follow along to the end to find out where it might be hiding.  

This is the perfect read-along book for story time. Cuddle up with your little and read all about picking the very best pumpkin. This book will teach your preschooler new fall vocabulary words, and inspire them to embrace the fall season. 

little girl stands near pony

Children’s Books about Fall Leaves

 Tree: A Peek-Through Picture Book Cover

Autumn Leaves

Ken Robbins 
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers
Learn all about the different types of leaves and how they change color in this engaging picture book. Sharp, close-up images of fall foliage will draw your little reader in and teach them something valuable about fall. 

This book is great for teaching preschoolers about the different types of trees all around us. Not only does it feature vibrant illustrations, but Autumn Leaves includes a portion that describes the scientific explanation for why the leaves change color when the seasons change.

When The World is Dreaming Book Cover
When The World is Dreaming  Pages

Leaf Man

 Lois Ehlert 
Book Type: Picture
Age: Toddlers
Fall has come, the wind is gusting, and Leaf Man is on the move. Is he drifting east, over the marsh and ducks and geese? Or is he heading west, above the orchards, prairie meadows, and spotted cows? No one’s quite sure, but this much is certain: A Leaf Man’s got to go where the wind blows. 

We love this classic children’s read about the leaf man. Whimsical and bright, the illustrations by Caldecott-winning author Lois Ehlert compliment the simple narrative meant to help kids identify different leaves.

Tall, Tall Tree Cover
Tall, Tall Tree Pages


David Ezra Stein 
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers
Young bear has never seen leaves do anything like this before! As the season changes, this curious main character tries his hardest to return leaves to their branches. Eventually, the bear gets very sleepy and ready for a long hibernation. When he wakes up, he discovers the leaves have returned to their place and the world around him has changed with the season. 

This sweet book about a lovable bear discovering fall is the perfect read for curious young readers. Charming illustrations and a lovable protagonist make this picture book the perfect choice for a fall day.

Over and Under the Pond Cover

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

Steve Metzger 
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers
Follow along as three friends begin an adventure over the big mountain and through the forest to collect all different kinds of leaves. What will they do with all the leaves they’ve collected? They’ll jump right in, of course! Easy rhyming ] and fun rhythm make this book great for little ones to read along and learn vocabulary. 

A fun adaptation of the beloved classic, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” this book is a wonderful seasonal addition to your child’s library. Sing along as you discover beautiful fall foliage and celebrate the changing of the seasons.

little girl stands near pony

Children’s Books about Fall Harvest

Dream Animals: A Bedtime Story Cover

The Harvest Story

Elizabeth Reppel 
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers
Journey through the seasons with a farmer. Begin to understand the changes from the eyes of someone who works the land and reaps its crops as the weather changes. Learn of all the elements involved in helping seeds sprout, grow, and mature until ready for harvest. 

This sweet narrative provides a special look into the work that farmers do to harvest their crops each year. Written in rhythmic verse complemented by delightful illustrations, this tale tells the story of the growing plants, helping readers understand what it is like to gather from the earth. This book will teach your child all about the joy of the harvest. 

The Little Gardener Cover

And the Good Brown Earth

Kathy Henderson
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers
Winter, summer, rain or shine, Nan and Charlie visit and tend their vegetable patch. Sometimes they dig, sometimes they sow, and sometimes they just lie in the long green grass and sing – and all the while, the good brown earth gets on with doing what the good brown earth does best.

This book is perfect for teaching preschool-aged readers about how the earth provides. A heartfelt story about a grandmother and her grandson spending time outdoors, And the Good Brown Earth is full of vibrant illustrations of a family garden that will inspire your child to learn more about harvesting their own food.

The Variety of Life Cover

Hello, Harvest Moon

Ralph Fletcher 
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers
While tired farmers and their families are in bed, the harvest moon silently climbs into the sky and starts working its magic. For some, it is the nightly signal to rise and shine. It is time to hunt, to work, or to play in the shadows. For a little girl and her cat, it is an invitation to enjoy the wonders of the night and a last flood of light before the short days of winter set in.

Learn about the wonders of the night sky during the autumnal season in this radiantly illustrated book about the harvest moon. Poetic text introduces the harvest season through the eyes of a little girl and her cat, who are curious about the big moon in the sky.

A Nest is Noisy Cover

Pick a Circle, Gather Squares: A Fall Harvest of Shapes

Felicia Sanzari Chernesky
Book Type: Picture
Age: Toddler
Follow a family on their trip to the pumpkin patch. They’ll pick out all sorts of shapes from their seasonal surroundings, including apple bushel circles, square hay bales, and diamond kites in the autumn sky! 

Sweet rhythmic verse and creative illustrations make this a memorable read for toddlers. Not only will it teach your children about the fall season and everything a trip to the pumpkin patch entails, but it will introduce toddlers to shapes and colors  in a fun and engaging way.

little girl stands near pony

Children’s Books about Fall Colors

Finding Wild Cover

Why Do Leaves Change Colors?

Betsy Maestro 
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers
As children jump into piles of leaves and help their parents rake the yard, they also wonder: Why do leaves change color? With bright illustrations from Loretta Krupinski and clear, simple text by Betsy Maestro, this book explains what happens to leaves in autumn. 

This fun nonfiction book about the changing leaves will teach your preschooler all about the fall foliage we see this time each year. Perfect for curious readers, this book is great to help your child learn the science behind the fall colors.

National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry Cover
National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry Pages

The Little Yellow Leaf

Carin Berger
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers
The little yellow leaf watches as other leaves fall off the trees and the seasons change all around, but this leaf isn’t quite so sure. “I’m not ready yet,” the little leaf says as he sees all the other leaves floating to the ground, “Still not ready.” Will the little yellow leaf ever be ready to fall? 

This read is perfect for anyone who has ever been afraid of facing unknowns. The little yellow leaf’s lesson is an important one for all little readers to learn: their time will come to take the leap, and things are much easier with the help of good friends. 

The Lorax Cover
The Lorax Pages

The Very Last Leaf

Stef Wade
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers
Lance Cottonwood is the best and brightest of the leaves, but even the top students on the tree have worries. Can Lance conquer his fear of falling and just let go when the time comes for his final exam, or will he let his worries take over?

This fun narrative about a hesitant leaf will encourage young readers not to worry, but to trust that things happen at the right time for a reason. We love this book because it addresses some real social and emotional issues kids are faced with, and teaches readers that facing your fears can be accomplished.

A Walk in the Forest Cover
A Walk in the Forest Pages

Summer Green to Autumn Gold

Mia Posada
Book Type: Picture
Age: Preschoolers
This engaging book takes the reader through all the seasons, showing how trees change. Instructing on chlorophyll, and the life cycle of the leaf, and much more, Summer Green to Autumn Gold is a basic scientific approach to the changing of the seasons. 

Informative, fun, and colorful, this wonderfully illustrated book is a great non-fiction story for young readers. Complex ideas are distilled into simple statements that will help your child understand the cycle of life that leaves undergo which prompts the vibrant color change they see each fall.

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