21 Beautiful Books for Baby Girls

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April 2021

Reading to babies is one of the best things you can do for their growth and development. If you have a little girl on the way, are a parent to a young daughter, or are looking for a meaningful gift for the baby girl in your life, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 21 of the best books for baby girls that will remind them how much they are loved, inspire them to follow their dreams, and encourage them to love themselves.

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Newborn Baby Girl in Pink Bow

Best Books for a New Baby Girl (What to Bring to a Baby Shower)

Whether you’re looking for a gift to bring to a baby shower or are a parent to a newborn daughter, these books are lovely options to help start a little girl’s library. Young girls are sure to treasure these books about unconditional love and dreaming big.

If I Had A Little Dream Book Cover
If I Had A Little Dream Pages

If I Had a Little Dream 
Nina Laden 
Book Type: Picture
Age: 0-7

See and appreciate through a young girl’s eyes how fortunate we are to live in the world we do. Celebrate the wonder of the world – the joy, love, and beauty that is part of each and every day. Our world is full of possibilities if you look for them.

Gentle and imaginative, If I Had a Little Dream is the perfect bedtime story for newborn baby girls and her parents. Full of beautiful illustrations in a soft blue and orange color scheme and lyrical rhyming text, this story spreads a message of kindness and wonder. Fitting for a little girl’s baby shower gift, we love this story for its celebration of life through the eyes of a young girl.

The Runaway Bunny Book Cover
The Runaway Bunny Pages

The Runaway Bunny
Margaret Wise
Book Type: Board 
Age: 0-2 

The Runaway Bunny is a classic board book about a clever little bunny who keeps running away from his mother. The two play a game of hide-and-seek with words, and the little bunny decides he could run away by becoming a fish, a rock on a mountain, an acrobat, and a little boy. With each of his imaginative suggestions, his mother assures him that there’s nothing he could become that would stop her from showing him how much she loves him. 

This book is perfect for parents of a newborn baby girl to read to their daughter. Its sweet pastel illustrations add to this book’s message of unconditional parental love. This is a staple in every newborn’s little library.

Will You Be My Sunshine Book Cover
Will You Be My Sunshine? Pages

Will You Be My Sunshine? 
Julia Lobo 
Book Type: Board 
Age: 0-2

Will you be my sunshine? Even when skies are cloudy and grey? A little mouse is reminded by her mother just how special she is. Mama Mouse tells her that she is full of sunshine, and she makes every day better. 

This lovable board book about a parent and child is a wonderful message for little girls. Bright illustrations and simply lyric text make this book one to remember. Chronicling the special bond between a parent and their child, this board book is a great reminder for little ones that their parents love them so.

Welcome Little One Book Cover
Welcome Little One Pages

Welcome Little One 
Sandra Magsaman
Book Type: Board 
Age: 0-2

A lovely story of the special connection between parents and a new baby, this book features one of our favorite things: elephants! The parent-and-child duo in this rhyming tale are a great example of the love moms and dads have for their babies. Hand-stitched inspired illustrations and personalizable handwritten portions of this book make it a memorable read. 

This book would be the perfect baby shower gift to celebrate the birth of a little girl. The rhyming text and personal touches you can add will make this book a treasured keepsake you and your daughter can look back on fondly for years to come. 

I Love You To The Moon and Back Book Cover
I Love You To The Moon and Back Pages

I Love You to the Moon And Back  
Amelia Hepworth 
Book Type: Board
Age: 0-5

As the sun rises, a bear and her cub wake up to a beautiful day. They splash in the water, climb up mountains, play with friends, and watch the colorful lights that appear in the shimmering sky. Throughout their amazingly exciting day, they take moments to stop and show that they love each other. Whether it be touching noses, chasing each other, or snuggling before bed, the momma bear and her cub share so many heartwarming moments. 

This is one of the best bedtime stories for newborn baby girls. Parents can read it to their daughters before bed to let them know how loved they are. This board book can continue to be read as your daughter grows older, creating a tradition of snuggling up and bonding together. I Love You To The Moon and Back is a beautiful and heartwarming book full of love.

A Baby Sister for Frances Book Cover
A Baby Sister for Frances Pages

A Baby Sister for Frances
Russell Hoban 
Book Type: Picture
Age: 0-8

With the arrival of baby Gloria in the house, Frances feels that living with her parents is not as much fun as it used to be, so after dinner she packs her bag and runs away under the dining room table. But when she overhears her parents talking about how much they all miss her, she decides that she should go back home. After all, being a big sister means she has lots of grown up things to do!

This classic book is wonderful for families welcoming a newborn girl into the dynamic. Not only will it teach older sisters about being a good role model, but it reinforces how loved little newborns are by their parents and siblings–even if their parents’ attention is shared. This sweet story about family and love is a great pick for little girls.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be Book Cover
The Wonderful Things You Will Be Pages

The Wonderful Things You Will Be 
Emily Winfield Martin 
Book Type: Picture
Age: 0-7

Every new parent imagines all the possibilities their daughter’s life holds. This book explores all of the loving things that parents think when they look at their children. From holding tea parties to dressing up in silly costumes to simply being held, these special moments are ones that every parent remembers for a lifetime. 

We love this book because it is so sweet, creative, and clever. It gives a glimpse into all of the wonderful moments and memories that come with being a parent. Looking at what is to come, new parents reading this will grow even more excited to meet their baby girl. With beautiful illustrations and simple, sweet text, we think that this book is the perfect, heartfelt book to gift a newborn baby girl and expectant parents.

On The Night When You Were Born Book Cover
On The Night When You Were Born Pages

On the Night You Were Born 
Nancy Tillman 
Book Type: Board 
Age: 0-3

On the night you were born, the whole world came alive with thanksgiving. The moon stayed up till morning. The geese flew home to celebrate. Polar bears danced. On the night you were born you brought wonder and magic to the world. Here is a book that celebrates you. It is meant to be carried wherever life takes you, over all the roads, through all the years.

This book is a great pick for newborn baby girls. It reminds them how special they are and how valued they are as members of their family and their parents’ child. As little girls grow up, this book will encourage them to believe in themselves.

Guess How Much I Love You Book Cover
Guess How Much I Love You Pages

Guess How Much I Love You 
Sam McBratney 
Book Type: Board
Age: 0-3

Little Nutbrown Hare and his father, Big Nutbrown Hare, know they love each other very, very much. They want to share with the other just how much love they have in their heart. But, sometimes, love is a very hard thing to measure. Join the two sweet little hares on their journey to share how much they love each other. 

Guess How Much I Love You is a sweet read about the love between parent and child that is sure to warm your little girl’s heart. It’s a great story to share with a newborn daughter full of soothing text and a wonderful message of love. This book teaches an important lesson–that unconditional love is hard to measure. It will make a great addition to a little girl’s story collection.

Feminist Baby Book Cover
Feminist Baby Pages

Feminist Baby 
Loryn Brantz 
Book Type: Board
Age: 0-7

Meet the irrepressible Feminist Baby! She’s funny, fearless, and wants to make as much noise as possible. Readers of all ages will love this smart, refreshing board book that explores feminism in an accessible way.

Book four in a series of books about a bold baby girl, this lively read is a great way to instill ideas of empowerment in the youngest of readers. A charming story that makes feminism digestible for a young audience, this book will encourage your little one to grow up using her voice.

My Little Cuddle Bug Book Cover
My Little Cuddle Bug Pages

You’re My Little Cuddle Bug 
Nicola Edwards
Book Type: Board

A book all about little bugs, this story is full of love and sweetness. There are different little bugs that hug and cuddle their mommy and daddy bugs on each page! Endearing illustrations of adorable ladybugs, caterpillars, beetles, and bees fill the pages of this delightful board book. 

You’re My Little Cuddle Bug is the perfect book for a newborn baby girl. It teaches young readers all about how much their parents love them and encourages expressing love by giving big hugs and cuddles.

Dream Big Book Cover
Dream Big Pages

Dream Big 
Joyce Wan
Book Type: Board
Age: 0-12

This wonderful board book is full of inspirational words and pictures of women who had the courage and strength to dream big and make their dreams come true! Full of illustrations of trailblazing women throughout history, this book encourages girls of all ages to follow their hearts. 

Dream Big presents a heartfelt message of hope for young girls. Simple text encourages little hearts to dream big, far, and wide. This book focuses on the concept of dreaming big while subtly highlighting the accomplishments of noteworthy female role models through gorgeous colorful illustrations, and it would make a great addition to any newborn baby girl’s library.

Welcome to The World Book Cover
Welcome to the World Pages

Welcome to the World
Lucy Tapper
Book Type: Picture
Age: 0-4

An adorable baby elephant discovers all the wonders this world has to offer. She explores beautiful things, tiny things, huge things, and everything in between. Filled with kind words, this book welcomes babies to the world with the promise of exciting and fun adventures in a beautiful world.

This book is the perfect one to welcome a newborn baby girl into your family. Reading this book with their little girl is a great way for any new parent to bond with their daughter as they flip through the pages together. This book also features a space to write a personalized message so that parents can commemorate the birth of their daughter.

ABC What Can She Be? Book Cover
ABC What Can She Be? Pages

ABC What Can She Be? 
Jessie Ford 
Book Type: Board 
Age: 0-4

ABC What Can She Be? presents a colorful world of possibilities—from astronaut to zoologist and everything in between—for all little girls with big dreams. Discover the possibilities of what your little girl can become while introducing them to the alphabet. 

This book is not only a great introduction to learning letters for baby readers, but also a helpful way to encourage baby girls to reach for the stars from the earliest age. Full of colorful illustrations and an occupation to aspire to for each letter of the alphabet, this board book is wonderful for newborn girls. 

Mother in White Sweater Holds Baby Daughter

Best Books for a 1 Year Old Baby Girl

Great for introducing your daughter to ideas of empowerment, confidence, and joy, these stories are perfect for reading aloud to 1-year-old girls as they learn and grow.

I Like Myself Book Cover
I Like Myself Pages

I Like Myself 
Karen Beaumont
Book Type: Picture
Age: 0-7

High on energy and imagination, this ode to self-esteem encourages kids to appreciate everything about themselves–inside and out. Messy hair? Beaver breath? So what! Here’s a little girl who knows what really matters.

A sweet story of self-empowerment and confidence, I Like Myself is a great choice for a baby girl’s library. Spunky illustrations and bright colors will catch the eyes of little readers, and the text will inspire girls and parents to care about what matters most. Girls should learn to embrace what makes them special at a young age, and this book will expose them to a positive message about loving themselves from day one.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Book Cover
Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Pages

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls
Elena Favilli
Book Type: Picture
Age: 1-10

This must-have volume brings readers on an empowering journey, introducing them to the real-life adventures of trailblazing women from Elizabeth I to Malala Yousafzai. The unique narrative style of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls transforms each biography into a fairytale, filling readers with wonder and a burning curiosity to know more about each hero. Each woman’s story is also accompanied by a full-page, full-color portrait that captures her rebel spirit.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is a great bedtime read for little girls. Full of inspirational biographical stories of successful women throughout history and illustrated gorgeously by artists from around the world, this book is sure to be a hit for little ones. This is a wonderful option for baby girls to listen along to for encouragement, empowerment, and exposure to stories of joy and accomplishments.

I Had A Favorite Dress Book Cover
I Had A Favorite Dress Pages

I Had A Favorite Dress 
Boni Ashburn 
Book Type: Picture
Age: 1-6

As the year passes, this little girl’s favorite dress goes through a series of creative changes, from dress to shirt to tank top to scarf and so on, until all that’s left of it is a good memory. Assisted by her patient and crafty mama, she finds that when disaster strikes her favorite things, she doesn’t need to make mountains out of molehills—she “makes molehills out of mountains” instead!

A lively story about growing up and holding on to memories, this book is made just for little girls. Full of descriptive, poetic language and light and whimsical illustrations, I Had A Favorite Dress tells a tale of craftiness, creativity, memories, and love. This book is great to read aloud to baby girls to introduce them to making special memories and growing up.

The Paper Bag Princess Book Cover
The Paper Bag Princess Pages

The Paper Bag Princess 
Robert Munsch  
Book Type: Picture 

Princess Elizabeth is slated to marry Prince Ronald when a dragon attacks the castle and kidnaps Ronald. In resourceful and humorous fashion, Elizabeth finds the dragon, outsmarts him, and rescues Ronald–who is less than pleased at her un-princess-like appearance. 

Teach your baby girl all about challenging stereotypes and facing fears in this fun entertaining read. This story turns the classic trope of the princess rescued by a knight in shining armor on its head. Full of fun illustrations, humorous text, and a message of female empowerment, this classic story by Robert Munsch is bound to become a family favorite for those with young daughters.

Sheila Rae, the Brave Book Cover
Sheila Rae, the Brave Pages

Shelia Rae, The Brave
Kevin Henkes
Book Type: Picture
Age: 1-8

“I am very brave,” Sheila Rae said, patting herself on the back. She wasn’t afraid of anything—not thunder, not lightning, not the big black dog at the end of the block. And when she wanted to walk home a new way and Louise wouldn’t, she called her sister a scaredy-cat and set out alone. But all the bravado in the world failed to help when Sheila Rae found herself lost. Luckily, her sister was not far behind.

All about a fearless little mouse, this story about being brave imparts an important message about learning to face your fears and accepting that it’s okay to be afraid sometimes. Perfect for young readers with siblings, Sheila Rae, The Brave provides an awesome role model for little girls. This book can ease baby girls out of timidity and teach them to work together in order to learn about themselves and the world around them.

Flora and the Flamingo Book Cover
Flora and the Flamingo Pages

Flora and the Flamingo 
Molly Idle
Book Type: Picture
Age: 1-7

Flora and her graceful flamingo friend explore the trials and joys of friendship through an elaborate synchronized dance. With a twist, a turn, and even a flop, these unlikely friends learn at last how to dance together in perfect harmony. 

This Caldecott-winning wordless picture book about a young dancer and her flamingo friend is a great choice for baby girls. Full of interactive lift-the-flap pictures, this book is a super way for babies to discover and enjoy. The simple and sweet illustrations of the pair performing a synchronized dance is great for little girls to learn from.

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink Book Cover
Not All Princesses Dress in Pink  Pages

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink 
Jane Yolen 
Book Type: Picture

Not all princesses dress in pink. Some play in bright red socks that stink, blue team jerseys that don’t quite fit, accessorized with a baseball mitt, and a sparkly crown! Princesses come in all kinds. 

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink is a spunky book to teach baby girls about being themselves. Its fun pictures and exuberant text encourage readers to be whoever they want to be. A great tale for girls who want to pursue all kinds of hobbies and activities, this book will make a wonderful addition to any baby girl’s little library.

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