15 Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts from Grandparents

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April 2021

Finding the perfect gift for a new baby can be tricky, especially if you’re a first-time grandparent. You want to pick a gift that will be both helpful for new parents and memorable for your family’s special new addition. 

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 15 both unique and traditional baby shower products that make the perfect gift for a new grandbaby. These sweet keepsakes and useful products are great options and will provide helpful inspiration for what grandparents should buy for their first grandchild.

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grandmother in yellow knit sweater holds newborn grandchild

Unique Baby Shower Gifts from Grandparents

wooden peg multicolored name puzzle with name "Alexandra"

Personalized Name Puzzle 
Price: $22.99-39.99
Boy, Girl, or Both

This classic, wooden peg style puzzle is a great choice for a baby shower gift. Not only does it come in a variety of pastel color schemes, but is personalizable to include the new baby’s name. The puzzle is handcrafted out of wood and made just for your loved one. This gift can be used as a piece of decor for your grandchild’s nursery when they are a newborn. As the baby grows older, starts learning how to make pieces fit together, and is introduced to letters of the alphabet, this puzzle will be a memorable and fun learning tool that is made especially for little hands.

basket full of embroidered floppy-eared bunny baby comforters

Embroidered Baby Comforter
Price: $21.56+
Boy, Girl, or Both

This soft bunny comforter is a splendid choice for a baby shower gift. Complete with a simple design, including floppy bunny ears, a sweet face, and a cute little bow, this bunny is a wonderful security blanket for your grandchild to cuddle. It is made with organic muslin especially designed for little ones. The bunny comes in a variety of tasteful pastel color schemes, and the gift includes the option of customization. You can include embroidery of your grandbaby’s name and birthdate to personalize this keepsake. This lovable comforter will make the perfect friend for your family’s new bundle of joy.

animal baby bath towels hang on wall

Animal Bath Towels
Price: $31.60-39.50
Boy, Girl, or Both

One of the most practical and fun gift items on our list, these sweet bath wraps are a useful choice for parents and kids. Make bathtime fun and keep your grandbaby warm and cozy in these hooded bath towels. Available in puppy, unicorn, bear, raccoon, and lion styles, these playfully designed towels will fit in beautifully with any nursery design. The cotton terry material is durable, soft, and machine washable. They’ll make the perfect gift that your grandchild can use for up to two years, as they are suitable for babies up to 24 months.

father reads board book to infant son

Ultimate Baby Gift Book Basket
Price: Starting at $125.99 for Three Months
Boy, Girl, or Both

Give the gift of reading with the Ultimate Baby Gift from Elephant Books. Reading is one of the most fruitful and entertaining activities parents can engage in with their newborns because it creates lifelong memories and promotes development in so many regards. Help expecting parents build your grandchild’s library with this wonderfully thoughtful and elegant gift. Featuring three phenomenal board books, a snuggly elephant, and reading extras to help promote literacy and make each book their own, the Ultimate Baby Gift is the perfect gift for a baby shower. Give the gift that will last a lifetime with Elephant Books.

baby on monthly milestone mat

Monthly Milestone Mat
Price: $39.00
Boy, Girl, or Both

Milestone mats are a treasured baby shower gift. They are an easy way to keep track of your grandchild’s growth and keep other friends and family members in the loop on baby’s development. This monthly milestone mat has a simple black-and-white color scheme and whimsical day and night design that makes the perfect backdrop for pictures. Celebrate how far your grandbaby has come, snap priceless photos, and make meaningful memories with this lovely gift.

grass styled silicone baby bottle drying rack

Colorful Bottle Drying Rack
Price: $19.99
Boy, Girl, or Both

When there’s a new baby around, there are bound to be plenty of bottles to clean. Another great practical item on our list, this colorful lawn countertop drying rack by Boon will help make tidying up after the newborn a little more fun for parents. Though it’s not the most conventional keepsake, this popular modern favorite will create a peaceful aesthetic in a kitchen full of bottles. Designed like a cute patch of grass, you can add fun extensions and accessories to this drying rack to make post-feeding time a little more fun.

Eric Carle baby and mother elephant print

Nursery Print
Price: $89.00-119.00
Boy, Girl, or Both

Nursery decor makes a special and memorable gift for your grandbaby. This adorable illustrated print features two of our favorite things: elephants and books! The Eric Carle board book-inspired artwork would grace the walls of any elephant or book-themed nursery, and would make a treasured gift for a new grandchild and parents alike. The print serves as a great reminder of the value of reading. Perfect to hang behind a crib or changing station, this canvas features a sweet mother and baby elephant duo that your grandchild will look up to and smile all throughout their childhood.

professional newborn photo

Newborn Photoshoot
Price: $100-300/hr
Boy, Girl, or Both

One of the most meaningful gifts you can give as a new grandparent is the gift of memories. By offering to cover the cost of a newborn photoshoot, you will ensure that your grandchild has high quality photos documenting their earliest moments. This gift is one you and your family can treasure forever, look back on, and use to teach your little one about growing up. A photoshoot is not only a special experience, but one that you can reflect on fondly for years to come through photos.

Traditional Baby Shower Gifts

white rocking horse

Rocking Horse
Price: $59.99
Boy, Girl, or Both

A classic baby shower gift, this wooden rocking horse is a sweet choice for spoiling your new grandchild. This product is handmade, simply designed, and pristinely colored. Its classic shape and color palette will fit in well with many nursery designs. Not only can this gift serve as a staple for baby room decor, but it also remains functional for children up to three years. This old-school gift is wonderful for reminiscing about your own children’s childhoods. Functioning as a fun toy, it is certain to provide hours of fun for your grandchild into their toddler years.

baby held by mom using orange PAT pacifier and clip

Pacifier and Accessories
Price: $12.00-26.00
Boy, Girl, or Both

Another great traditional yet functional choice for a baby shower gift is a high quality pacifier. For many children, use of a pacifier is essential, and this take on the classic pacifier called PAT by Ryan & Rose is a combination of a pacifier and teether. When paired with a matching Cutie Clip, this gift is the perfect set for your grandbaby. The pacifier is functional for newborns, with a smooth one-piece silicone design. It also works for older babies, who can use the alternate side to soothe during teething periods. Available in an array of soft, aesthetically pleasing colors, this set makes a beautiful and useful gift.

white teddy bear with brown features

Personalized Teddy Bear
Price: $26.95
Boy, Girl, or Both

This teddy bear is such a sweet gift for a grandchild. Not only is it soft and very cuddly, but it also includes a personalization option. This gift is great for grandparents who live far away, because it is a recordable bear. You can record a twenty second message for your little one to remind them just how special they are. This is certain to make a cherished gift, as it will help your grandbaby learn the sound of your voice from a young age and will always remind them of you.

mother holds baby in striped carrying wrap

Baby Carrier
Price: $65.00
Boy, Girl, or Both

Baby wraps are wonderful gifts for newborn grandbabies. Hands-free carrying makes caring for little ones easier on parents (and grandparents, too!). This natural grey and white striped wrap carrier is stylish and comfortable for baby and mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa. Made for sustainable materials and designed for babies up to 25 pounds, this carrier will take your grandbaby wherever they need to go through infancy.

white bassinet

Price: $199.00
Boy, Girl, or Both

Bassinets are a great gift for new parents and new babies. Since it is important to keep young ones close during the night, this swivel bassinet by Halo is a high quality option that eases the discomfort of sleepless nights. It comes in two neutral colors that will fit any room decor. Additionally, it compacts and stores easily, making it great for storage and transport. This product is easy to move, which is a necessity for nights spent at the grandparents’ house. A bassinet is a wonderful traditional gift that will make a great addition to any home expecting a newborn.

grey and white rocking chair with matching ottoman

Rocking Chair
Price: $165.00
Boy, Girl, or Both

A rocking chair is an essential for newborns. This nursery glider and ottoman make is easy to rock grandbabies gently to sleep. Its sleek design, neutral color scheme, and comfortable cushions are all great features. Rocking chairs are wonderful baby shower gifts because they are not only the perfect addition to a nursery, but also a great source of bonding between grandparents and their grandchildren. Grandparents can recall fond memories of rocking their grandbabies to sleep.

silver folded handle spoon

Engraved Silver Spoon
Price: $25.00-184.00
Boy, Girl, or Both

Perhaps the most traditional baby shower gift on our list, an engraved silver spoon is a wonderful keepsake that can be cherished in the family for years to come. Symbolizing good fortune for a child from a young age, this traditional gift can be engraved with your grandchild’s initials and will serve as a precious reminder of just how much you love them. Though less practical, this gift is bound to become a precious heirloom that is passed down from family members for generations.

baby dressed in crocheted hat and shorts lies next to teddy bear on soft rug

What can I make for my new grandchild?

Often, the most treasured gifts are the ones that are handmade. Baby shower gifts are no exception. Awaiting a new grandchild is the perfect opportunity to get crafty. Here are five ideas for DIY baby shower gifts you can make for your grandbaby. 

Baby Booties

Whether you crochet, knit, or sew, creating a pair of baby booties for your newborn grandchild makes a heartfelt baby shower gift. There are many different options for handcrafting an adorable pair of shoes for your little bundle of joy. It might even be an opportunity to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill.

Diaper Cake

What baby shower would be complete without a cake? And which parent can have too many diapers for their newborn? By arranging diapers into tiers and adorning those tiers with ribbons, silk flowers, and other decorations, you can create a beautiful (albeit inedible) cake.


If you’re a woodworker, a great do-it-yourself option for a baby shower gift is to create a set of baby blocks for your new grandchild to play with. There are also many options for staining, painting, or styling pre-made blocks to create a custom set that your grandbaby will love. 


Another wonderful DIY option for a baby shower is making a custom quilt for your grandchild. You can choose a color palette and design that fits any baby shower occasion or nursery theme. This is a sweet gift that a child will cherish for the rest of their life.


Customizing onesies is a popular baby shower activity, but it can also make a great gift. Whether with embroidery, decals, or tie-dye, you can come up with a creative, one-of-a-kind article of clothing just for your grandbaby.

For more book ideas for babies, toddlers, and young kids check out Elephant Books for additional information about the gift everyone feels good about!

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