Developmental Milestones of Kids Ages 5-6

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February 2021

5-6 years old is the perfect time to foster a love for reading. At this age, children begin to recognize words and interact more with the stories they are reading. Below you will learn more about key developments in your 5-6 year old’s reading journey. 

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Learning and Writing Words

At age 5, children are still growing more comfortable with their letters and are beginning to recognize more and more words as they continue to read. Most 5 year olds can read simple and familiar words, tell you some words that rhyme, understand the meaning of a few words, and can write some letters, numbers, and words.

Making Predictions and Asking Big Questions

When reading a story, 5 year olds can also predict what will happen next, retell the main idea of the story, identify the “who, what, when, where, why, how,” and put the event of the story in sequence. 

Working Through A Story 

At the age of 6, children are able to take in more information and can read familiar stories, sound out words, use pictures and context to decipher new words, realize when they have pronounced a word incorrectly and try again, and understand punctuation and capitalization.

Gaining Independence

 In terms of reading comprehension, 6 year olds are also able to identify the beginning, middle, and end of a story. At this age, kids become more comfortable reading independently.

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