Developmental Milestones of Kids Ages 0-2

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February 2021

Reading with your child from a young age has great benefits, and understanding how your young reader is developing in their reading journey is a great resource to help inspire a love of reading that will last a lifetime. From 0-2, children are just learning about their worlds, and books can be a fantastic way to introduce new concepts and ideas. Learn more about the key language development milestones your young reader will reach at this age.  

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Infants, Language, and Listening 

Infants grow and learn by interacting closely with the world around them. Younger babies absorb language patterns from hearing people talk. The more they hear people talk, the more they will learn.

Learning Words and Gestures

By around 8 months children are able to distinguish and recognize individual words, and by around 12 months they have over 100 words in their vocabulary. Around this age, babies are also able to learn gestures like sign language, help turn pages in a book, and engage with stories by vocalizing and touching the pictures. 

Talking and Understanding Language

Children at about 18-24 months are able to begin speaking in 2 word phrases. By continuing to listen to the world around them, they pick up grammar rules, new vocabulary, and strategies for figuring out new words.

Drawing Conclusions

Children around this age typically can identify different books by their covers, and have a favorite book that they will request to read so often that they will eventually have it memorized and correct you if you happen to read it wrong. They can also turn the pages of books, point at pictures, and answer questions about objects in books, such as “Where is the rooster? And “What kind of noise does a rooster make?”

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