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February 2021

Working with materials that your child finds interesting is so important. If they are not captivated by the content of a book, they will be less inclined to want to read it. Allowing a child to choose what they read and selecting books based on their own interests can make all the difference in a child’s eagerness to read. Here are a few resources for finding great books on all kinds of topics and interests.

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American Library Association Book Lists

The American Library Association publishes lists of amazing, engaging books. Their website includes links to various book lists with titles touching on topics ranging from social justice to STEAM to immigration to kindness and peace. Each list has something for everyone, and this is a great resource if you are looking for books on specific topics to expand your child’s horizons. This is also a great resource to find diverse books and books about tough topics.

Texas Library Association 2×2 Book List

The Texas State Library Association also publishes book lists for children aged two to second grade. They select some of the best titles out there that they believe children will love. We also think this is a great resource because they include activities and printables to go with each book on the list to help you and your child further engage with each one you read.

Elephant Books Book Lists

Here are Elephant Books, we seek to find the absolute best, most engaging, most entertaining board and picture books. Under this link you will find book lists that we have compiled on a range of topics to help parents select great titles for their children. Some of our lists have to do with specific themes–like kindness, friendship, and perseverance–while others have to do with specific books’ features–like bears, dogs, the moon, and summertime. Anyway you spin it, you will find titles even the most reluctant readers will love.


Goodreads is best known for being a place for people to review and suggest books. Some users put together fantastic book lists for children’s titles that are super fun to explore. Many of them include both classics that will bring nostalgia as well as new titles to discover and fall in love with. Having reviews of each book right at your fingertips, too, helps to know that the book you are interested in really is a great one.


You can find a read-aloud of most any board or picture book on Youtube. Oftentimes, watching videos of one book will link to other similar books, allowing you to discover new titles. This is a great resource for if you want to take a closer look at a book before you buy it to see if you like it. And, of course, these read-alouds are great for your child to watch if you are on the road, waiting at an appointment, or just at home.


For more book ideas for babies, toddlers, and young kids check out Elephant Books for additional information about the gift everyone feels good about!

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