Hot Chocolate & Books… A Holiday Combo

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December 2020

It’s that time of the year where nothing’s more special than curling up with your loved ones (especially your favorite littles) and reading together over a warm cup of cocoa.

Whether it’s Goodnight Moon, Peter Rabbit, or some undiscovered new children’s book that delights your youngster, here’s some ideas on how to make your hot chocolate as special as the books you read together. The standard hot chocolate mix is always a great stand-by, but there’s plenty of ways to switch up that mug of chocolate-y goodness to make your reading time even more memorable. Here’s some ideas to consider:

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Pour hot milk over white chocolate chips for a “snowy” chocolate drink.

Add peppermint flavoring to any cocoa concoction to feature a minty flair.

Hot chocolate bombs are the rage on social media this year. Make your own or google for plenty of options to purchase.

Whipped cream on top of any frothy mug is a great addition, but make sure to add red and green sprinkles on top to make it extra fun.

How about drizzling some warm caramel over the top of your next cup – it’s not just for ice cream!

Marshmallows are always a fan favorite, but check online for all kinds of flavored varieties.

Those extra candy canes are perfect to stir that mug of cocoa and add a special, holiday touch.

We hope these chocolate-y suggestions help you find some ways to make reading even more special at the holidays. For great book gift ideas check out Elephant Books for additional information on the gift everyone feels good about!

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