The Best Inscriptions for Holiday Book Gifts

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December 2020

When children discover a book that they love and want to read it over and over, not only is a memory being made, a life skill is being nurtured.

Gifting children books for the holidays is the special treat that keeps on giving. To make the present even more special, consider including an inscription that reminds the young readers why the book, the experience or even that particular holiday season is something worth remembering. Here’s some ideas to make your book gift even more memorable:

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“Here’s a book for us to read together when we see each other next!”

“I remember how much I loved reading as a youngster and wanted to share that experience with you.”

“Always remember to read a book once a day to feed your imagination.”

“Books are made of dreams. I hope you find some of yours in this one.”

“A book is the path to an adventure that never has to end.”

“Next time I see you, tell me all about this book – I can’t wait to hear all about the story.”

“Paper + Words = Anything you want.”

“Let this book inspire you to dream of adventures!”

“This book is an adventure you can visit anytime you want.”

We hope these book inscription suggestions help you find some ways to make your present of reading even more special. For great book gift ideas check out Elephant Books for additional information on the gift everyone feels good about!

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