Top 10 Easter Basket Ideas . . . That Don’t Involve Candy

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April 2020

Easter’s a great time for fun celebrations with the family. This year, as you fill the baskets with all kinds of goodies, consider some different and creative ways to keep your favorite little’s entertained and happy!

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1. Crayons 

Probably one of the most easy and entertaining gifts that can keep kids occupied for hours on end. Plus – there’s always something new to explore with crayons and the imagination!

2. Games

Board games or activity sets…there’s an endless array of great games the offer fun for the whole family.

3. Sketchpads

Set aside 15 minutes a day for your kids to have art-time. Let their imaginations run wild and draw whatever they want or let everyone choose a subject matter each day.

4. Crafts 

Local craft stores offer all types of crafting activities for all ages. Don’t forget to involve parents and grandparents in these wonderful bonding moments, too.

5. Kids Family Portrait

Bring on the canvas, paints and pens and let your kids express themselves artistically!  Asking your kids to interpret a family portrait creates a great keepsake or a special feature for the mantelpiece.

6. Choose Your Dinner or Lunch Coupons

Create fun coupons where your kids get to choose the family meal.

7. Personalized Stationery

Kids are never too young to have a personalized pad of paper or some notecards. Make it extra special and create the personalization yourself!

8. Puzzles

Large piece puzzles for toddles and smaller piece puzzles for older kids offer great activities for quiet time.

9. Cards

From simple matching games to specific games like Go Fish, cards are an easy, on-the-go activity for all!

10. Books

The gift that everyone feels good about giving (and getting), it’s always the right time to read! Looking for more great reads? Check out Elephant Books to learn how to get high-quality children’s books delivered right to your door each and every month. 

We like baskets of all kinds! If you enjoyed these suggestions, check out our article on baby gift basket ideas for more inspiration.

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