Celebrate Summer Reading  

Welcome to Elephant Notes . . . our periodic take on some of the ideas, issues, and news impacting parents, children, and reading. This week, we’re celebrating the Fourth of July and the importance of Summer Reading. 

Happy Fourth of July!


The Fourth of July is dedicated to celebrating the founding of our nation, but, in many ways, it’s also about celebrating our families. Whether you go to the lake, throw a barbecue, attend the local block party, or have a quiet evening in, the Fourth is a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time together.

It’s also an excellent chance to carve out some time to read as a family. If you’re going on vacation, read a book in the car, on the plane, at the airport, or even at your final destination when you have some downtime. If you’re enjoying a “staycation,”  fill those extra time blocks between festive activities with some exciting reads. 

But even though the Fourth of July is a great time to explore new books, so is every day of the summer! Reading is a fun and entertaining way to relax and cool down after a hot day at the pool or a busy day running errands. And on rainy days or those days when it’s just too hot to go outside, reading is a perfect and exciting activity for your young ones. 

Reading during the summer offers more than just fun and entertainment, though. It benefits your child in a number of ways. In fact, summer reading is incredibly important. Here are some reasons why: 

Continuing Momentum 

During the school year, your child is constantly being exposed to new concepts. From left, right, and any which way, they are soaking up ideas and developing skills. To keep up this momentum of learning, you can continue to introduce new concepts to your children over the summer. 

Reading is a great way to do this! Because you can find a book on almost every subject, you could explore a new topic every day if you wanted to. Either way, continuing to foster your child’s learning will only prepare them for success in the upcoming school year. 

Forming Good Reading Habits

To inspire children to become avid readers, we should help them develop good reading habits. This means encouraging kids to see reading as a fun activity that is worth dedicating time to.

By continuing to explore books over the summer, you’re showing your child that reading is not just something you do in school—it’s something you do for fun too. If you schedule reading time into your daily schedule, you can serve as a role model and teach your child to do the same. This way, you’re helping them maintain and develop positive reading habits that will carry them into adulthood. 

Brain Exercise

The brain is like a muscle. And like any muscle, it needs exercise to stay strong and continue to grow. Reading over the summer is a great way to get some reps in. As children continue to read, so will their brain continue to grow.

Summer reading also prepares them for the upcoming school year. It helps them maintain and strengthen the literacy skills they have already gained while also developing new ones.

Keeping up A Routine 

During the summer, it’s likely that you have more free time than during the school year. Even if your child is enrolled in summer camps, sports lessons, or other activities, there’s always still some downtime. This free time between or after activities is a wonderful opportunity to schedule in some valuable reading time. 

Creating a routine of reading helps your child not only by keeping them on a predictable schedule, but it also helps demonstrate that reading is valuable and should be a part of everyday life.


Keep on Reading!

All the reading you’ve done during the summer so far and all the reading you will continue to do is helping your child immensely. So during the holiday—and every day after—carve out some quality time to read together. 


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