Ryan Howard on Kids and Screen Time

Welcome to another edition of Elephant Notes . . . our periodic take on some of the ideas, issues, and news impacting parents, children, and reading. This week, we’re sharing Ryan Howard’s useful approaches to managing screen time for kids. 

Recently, Elephant Books received a shout out from Ryan Howard, co-founder of Smart Parent Advice. In this edition of Elephant Notes, we’re passing along his thoughtful insights on how to navigate the challenging topic of kids and screen time.

Elephant Books – a children’s book subscription service – promotes literacy among young children and a valuable alternative to screen time: the experience of sitting down and reading with your child. These kinds of genuine interactions, which foster an appreciation for learning, are vital to a child’s development.”  -Ryan Howard, co-founder of Smart Parent Advice

While we are in love with books at Elephant Books, we live in a culture where it is so easy for children to get their hands (and keep their eyes) on a screen.  So the question of how to approach kids’ screen usage is increasingly relevant.

In “How Much Screen Time is Right for Kids”, Ryan Howard explores some important topics such as:

  1. What counts as screen time?
  2. How to make screen time do good?
  3. What’s so bad about screen time?
  4. How much screen time do the experts recommend?
  5. How to make the most of screen time?
  6. How do you find the right balance?

Check out the full article for insight into how today’s busy parents can realistically navigate screen time usage for their kids.  

“While researching my article on How Much Screen Time is Right for Kids?’ I came across Elephant Books. This children’s book subscription service wants to create experiences for families centered around reading. It’s so important to consider productive alternatives to television and smartphones–one of which is encouraging your child to read a good book.”
R. Howard, co-founder Smart Parent Advice

Thank you, Ryan! We consider reading quality books with your kids an impactful alternative to a screen.

For more from Ryan on kids and screen time, click here. Also be sure to visit Smart Parent Advice for more helpful tips on rewarding and enjoyable parenting. 


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